2021-2022 Academic Year

Administrative fee*: $100

Virtuoso Pathway
This comprehensive program includes:

  • 32 weekly private one-on-one lessons per year (16 per semester).

  • One chamber music group or youth orchestra assignment.

  • Studio (group) classes, recitals, and performances.

  • In-program competitions and challenges.

  • End-of-semester individual evaluation.

10 monthly payments (two 5-month semesters per year)

$380 per month

Orchestral/Ensemble Tuition (For students taking private lessons outside the Academy)

Proof of weekly private lessons is required. Kindly ask your private teacher to submit the required Teacher Verification Form.

Lyra Chamber Music Ensembles 

8 monthly payments 

$100 per month

Aries Chamber Youth Orchestra

8 monthly payments 

$100 per month

Orion Youth Orchestra
Orion is a high level, tuition-free youth orchestra. All Orion Youth Orchestra Members receive a merit-based scholarship covering the tuition costs of Orion. Students enrolled in the Virtuoso Pathway and qualify for Orion will receive a tuition reduction of $80 per month. 

Discovery Early Childhood Music Classes

  • 16 weekly classes per semester.

5 monthly payments

$100 per month

*The $100 administrative fee is required to secure enrollment in Annapolis Symphony Academy programs. Students enrolled in Virtuoso Pathway only pay one ($100) deposit for both Virtuoso and a Youth Orchestra or Ensemble placement.

Financial Aid available

*Need-based financial aid available.

*Full tuition waivers available.

*High school apprenticeship tuition credit.
*Merit-based scholarships.

For more information, please inquire about our financial aid options.

Financial Aid Application

Payment Methods

Debit/Credit Card