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Explore the foundations of music in a fun, creative class 

Classes start February 2021
Discovery meets on Thursdays 
 Available class times: 5:00pm and 6:00pm (45 minute classes)
Ages 4-7 

What is Discovery Early Childhood Music Class?

Discovery Early Childhood Music Education classes are designed for children ages 4-7 and promote development through musical and social engagement. Class activities include singing, chanting, moving to music, playing assorted percussion instruments, and developing fundamental aural and rhythmic skills. Following Discovery, when a young musician is ready to choose an instrument, we can assist in the selection process and recommend one of our master teachers.


Discovery classes meet for sixteen weeks per semester (during each of the two semesters per year). Please consult our Online Calendar for class dates and times.

Why are early childhood music classes important?

To answer this question, we should think about our body and, in particular, our brain. The brain is our supercomputer, and, like any computer, we have to program it. As our body grows, so does our brain. Therefore, teaching our brain advanced, complex patterns starting at a young age and throughout our growth and development will open up neurological pathways and set the stage for endless possibilities.

Simply put, music further develops a child's brain, and the earlier a musical education journey begins, the better! This is where Discovery comes into play.  Discovery lays the foundations upon which a child can start to play an instrument throughout his/her growth years in a fun, socially engaging weekly class.

Article: Music Classes Strike a Chord in Kids' Brain Development: Study. ~US News & World Report

Included with Discovery:

Complimentary Annapolis Symphony Orchestra concert access (Live or Online via Symphony+)

How can I apply for Discovery?

Follow this simple process:

1) Fill out our Application Form, and select: Discover - Early Childhood Music Education (and your preferred class time). We will contact you with more information upon submitting your application.

Tuition and Fees

Administrative fee*: $100

Tuition: $100 per month (5 monthly payments per semester)

Need-based financial aid is available! We can help students make their musical aspirations happen. Click HERE for more information.

* Administrative fee required to secure enrollment in Discovery


Where and When?

Discovery classes meet on Thursday afternoons. Available class times: 5:00pm, and 6:00pm.

All Annapolis Symphony Academy activities take place at Temple Beth Shalom, 1461 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Arnold, MD.