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Music is one of the only activities a child participates in that enhances and accelerates neurological functions. When we speak about the two sides of our brain, we often refer to them as the "creative" and the "logical" sides. Music appears to be the most powerful human activity that uses both sides simultaneously and constantly.


As musicians, we count our note values and create musical shapes, we structure our practicing and enjoy learning new beautiful melodies. As we do that, information is simultaneously being moved back and forth between the logical and creative sides of the brain, therefore connections and bandwidth between the two grow larger in comparison to non-musicians. Developing good habits from a young age, coupled with professional instruction will yield the optimal result. That's what we call a no brainer! 

Simply put; music further develops your brain, and the earlier a musical education journey begins, the better! Keep playing an instrument throughout the growth years, learn from master musicians, practice, acquire new skills and disciplines, and you will hit the neurological jackpot!

Musical Training:

- Improves verbal memory and childhood literacy

- Benefits brain plasticity throughout a life time

- Creates superior multi-sensory processing skills

- Increases blood flow to the brain

- Improves executive function

- Helps boost academic achievement

- Cultivates social skills

 Select articles about the effect of music training on a child's brain:

Article: Music Classes Strike a Chord in Kids' Brain Development: Study. ~US News & World Report

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