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1) At what age can a student join the Annapolis Symphony Academy?

We offer programs for students ages 4 through high-school. To learn more about our offerings, please click the Programs tab on the menu.

2) Can I participate in the Academy's chamber music ensembles or orchestras and keep my current private teacher?

Students taking weekly one-on-one private lessons with a teacher outside the Academy are eligible to participate in our ensembles or orchestras. Once admitted to the Academy, please ask your private teacher to fill out the Teacher Verification Form. If you do not have a private teacher, you may enroll in the Virtuoso Pathway, which will include all of your lessons, ensemble or orchestra assignments, and much more! All Annapolis Symphony Academy students are required to take one-on-one, weekly private lessons either through the Virtuoso Pathway or outside the Academy with your current private teacher.


3) Can I join the Virtuoso Pathway at any time?

Yes, pending studio availability. If you already participate in our ensembles or orchestras, or if you are new to the Annapolis Symphony Academy you may apply for the Virtuoso Pathway at any time. Pending an audition and whether we have a private teacher slot we can assign for you, we will enroll you in the program. If not, we will enroll you at the beginning of the following semester.

4) What are the general level guidelines for each Annapolis Symphony Academy ensembles and orchestras?

Lyra - Suzuki Book 1 through 3 or equivalent level.

Aries - Suzuki Book 4 through 7 or equivalent level.

Orion - Suzuki Book 8 and up or equivalent level.

*Faculty and ensemble directors may determine if a student is ready to move upwards to higher ensembles depending on the students current playing level and progress. The ensemble directors will make a recommendation to the student and parent. Students may audition for a higher ensemble at any point in the semester. Pending a satisfactory audition, students will be assigned to the higher ensemble in semester following the audition date. 

5) Does the Academy offer financial aid?

Yes. We offer need-based financial aid to all eligible students; please visit the Financial Aid page for more information. Additionally, students admitted to the Orion Youth Orchestra receive a merit-based, full orchestral scholarship. Students enrolled in the Virtuoso Pathway and participate in the Orion Youth Orchestra will enjoy a tuition reduction.

6) A family member is interested in joining the Academy as well, Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. Each sibling receives a 10% tuition reduction.

7) What is the Academy's absence policy?

Students may take two (2) excused absences per semester from any scheduled Annapolis Symphony Academy activity. Students may request additional excused absences for school orchestra performances, APEX performances, or other music related performances that do not conflict with an Annapolis Symphony Academy dress rehearsal or performance.

Do you have a question? 

Please email your questions to or call 443-454-0609.​

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