Musical Training:

- Improves verbal memory and childhood literacy

- Benefits brain plasticity throughout a life time

- Creates superior multisensory processing skills

- Increases blood flow in the brain

- Improves executive function

- Helps boost academic achievement

- Cultivates social skills

Music and Sports 

Music and sports have a lot in common! Both provide the following benefits:

- Improved physical skills

- Team building skills

- Goal oriented

- Provide discipline

- Sense of reward

- Most importantly both are fun!

High-level musical education provides significant additional benefits:

- Creative thinking

- Incorporating feelings and emotions

- Improved language and reasoning skills

Musicians are athletes too! We exercise various muscle groups over substantial time periods. Did you know that professionally trained musicians are less prone to physical injury? Musical education provides significant emphasis on correct body posture and precise muscle movements through private lessons and workshops, thereby providing a significantly reduced chance of injury. The Annapolis Symphony Academy will offer various physical awareness workshops in the future.

Information provided in part by the University of Rochester Medical Center, Health Encyclopedia

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